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Liis Windischmann helps women rethink how they Liis on Life think about wellness, body love and style.A top model, fashion diversity leader and advocate for positive body image, Liis brings a refreshing new consciousness to health, beauty and fashion. Her life experiences have led her on a journey of discovery and instilled in her the need to help others lead proactive, healthy lives with balanced mind, body and soul connections.

“Windischmann loves fashion, but for her, style is not about trends; it’s about identity, memory and a creative sense of self.” – Shameless Magazine

Since walking away from a modelling agency’s weekly weigh-ins as a skinny teen, to being discovered by a fashion scout in a shopping mall in her 20’s as a size 14, Liis has had a successful modelling career travelling the world being true to herself. For over 20 years, Liis has played a leading role in building a diverse and inclusive fashion industry. When not on TV as a style expert on shows such as The Marilyn Denis Show, Canada AM, Steven & Chris, or Breakfast Television, she is a frequent lecturer and media commentator on fashion diversity, media literacy, body image and self-esteem, working frequently with children and teens through organizations such as Girl Guides of Canada and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Until recently, she served as director of the world’s first diverse modelling agency representing & creating fashion opportunities for women of all ages, sizes, heights, backgrounds and abilities. Liis encourages fashion schools, designers and magazines to change their practices by creating and embracing a variety of sample sizes and reimagining the industry.

“A woman remembers her wedding dress and her prom dress,” says Liis, ”They define where you are in life, the feeling
in your heart, the memories. It’s not just a piece of clothing.”
– Toronto Sun

Liis has enjoyed a long, successful career as a top model. She has starred in numerous worldwide print campaigns for retailers such as Talbot’s, Eddie Bauer, Laura Plus, Reitmans and Addition Elle. Her frequent television modelling appearances have included Fashion Television, Fashion File, Breakfast Television, Canada AM and Cityline. Liis has rocked the runways for major retailers and designers across North America and has trained many diverse models to do the same. Some of her editorial appearances include Woman’s World, Wedding Bells, Lush, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Homemaker’s, Today’s Bride, Clin d’oeil and the coveted September cover of MODE.

In 2011, the body image advocate’s life – and body – were dramatically altered when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune dis-ease. With little help or information available in mainstream healthcare, Liis was forced to research and seek alternative methods to cope with the debilitating ramifications of her rapidly multiplying symptoms. While juggling a busy career and trying to keep everything under wraps during her TV appearances and at fashion shoots, she developed severe vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, endometriosis and ultimately in 2013, debilitating neurological and physical problems from the rarely diagnosed cerebellar Gluten Ataxia. Multiple symptoms left her incapable most days of thinking, walking and having full muscle and spine function with simple activities such as clapping, being in a crowded room, eating and doing up a button becoming difficult tasks.

“Listen to your body, eat well, exercise, focus on all the things you can do, whatever your size — 4, 14, 24 — it doesn’t matter. What matters is being alive and healthy, and if something isn’t right, find out what it is.” – Montreal Gazette

Forced to radically change her life, Liis adopted a low-stress, gluten-free, Paleo lifestyle, delved more into alternative healing and exercise modalities and found the keys to creating a healing shift in her life. A practitioner of meditation, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Qigong and Pilates, Liis believes in living a healthy, holistic life encouraging others to stop obsessing about the numbers on a scale and instead be more concerned about learning to love themselves mind, body and soul. Her experiences have instilled in her the need to help others take proactive steps to stave off dis-ease and help women create their dream lives. Her mission is to have each and every woman own her shift! Quite frankly, she could care less what size her jeans are – she is simply overjoyed to be able to go for a walk in the sun.

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